on the map in a sentence

"on the map" meaning  "on the map" in Chinese  
  1. It puts us on the map in a different kind of way.
  2. The foreman used a pointer to locate various places on the map.
  3. A place on the map and a place in the mind.
  4. Croatia does not occupy much space on the map of Europe.
  5. This whole name change thing has put us on the map.
  6. It's difficult to find on the map in a sentence.
  7. The guy truly put ( WSU baseball ) on the map.
  8. Holy Cross put New England on the map in college sports.
  9. He did not say which targets were marked on the map.
  10. This is our chance to get a place on the map,
  11. This sort of festival keeps our small towns on the map.
  12. This is an opportunity to put Houston back on the map,
  13. Dayton is now on the map when it comes to calendars.
  14. A grid reference locates a unique square region on the map.
  15. The current parties to the Convention are shown on the map.
  16. Carbone plots that reading with a second string on the map.
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