on the make in a sentence

"on the make" meaning  "on the make" in Chinese  
  1. The make-up for Herman is based on the make-up of Boris Karloff.
  2. Obviously now the pressure is on the make sure something is done.
  3. Chernomyrdin started consultations on the make-up of the new government early Monday.
  4. :The reliability of a router depends on the make and model.
  5. The historian Leonard Moore characterized them as both young men on the make.
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  7. Mignot, a young man on the make, was on his way.
  8. In a snippet from a documentary on the making of " Buddy, Buddy,"
  9. Today, it could be mistaken for a Chinatown on the make.
  10. Men on the make talk low and as smooth as butter.
  11. He spent five months working on the making of this movie.
  12. The patent granted him a 20-year monopoly on the making of stained glass.
  13. They also found a 10-minute production short on the making of the film.
  14. The book includes a chapter on the making of the film.
  15. He also will speak Friday on the making of a hit Disney movie.
  16. Once again, cold, hard reality has intruded on the make-believe world of sports.
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