on the low side in a sentence

"on the low side" in Chinese  
  1. Unfortunately, yields of this potato tend to be on the low side.
  2. Usually WellPoint negotiates prices that analysts say are on the low side.
  3. If anything, our expectations could be a little on the low side.
  4. The expected premium on Kmart's convertible is on the low side too.
  5. I saw it happen and I just stayed on the low side.
  6. It's difficult to find on the low side in a sentence.
  7. Some observers consider even this number to be on the low side.
  8. I may have set it a bit on the low side.
  9. "Our occupancy rate remains on the low side, " he said.
  10. Her score of 9 . 450 was on the low side.
  11. But the overall radio surface brightness is on the low side.
  12. So the 14 % cut is on the low side of that average.
  13. One was that the majority are missed on the low side of the cup.
  14. However, surveys suggest this may be on the low side.
  15. So I played a little less break and missed it on the low side.
  16. His fee is on the low side _ $ 900.
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