on the lot in a sentence

  1. Theater InSite will have a production on the lot every summer.
  2. It was filmed on the lot at Warner Bros . Studios.
  3. A number of independent production companies rent offices on the lot.
  4. Later, he graduated to parking cars on the lot.
  5. He grows watermelons on the lot where his home stood.
  6. It's difficult to find on the lot in a sentence.
  7. Garner definitely can't keep them on the lot.
  8. That left anything small and cheap sitting on the lot.
  9. It got every vehicle on the lot-- new, used.
  10. The family had parked their trailer on the lot just hours earlier.
  11. With the advent of television, production on the lot changed dramatically.
  12. The remainder of the scenes were shot on the lot of Fox.
  13. In the mid 1990s the vacant buildings on the lot were demolished.
  14. Longo came in first on industry tracker Subway establishments on the lot.
  15. He says, ` Don't even put it on the lot.
  16. In return, the Delawares would operate an Indian casino on the lot.
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