on the loose in a sentence

"on the loose" meaning  "on the loose" in Chinese  
  1. Ignashevitch pounced on the loose ball and slid it into the goal.
  2. Linguist pounced on the loose ball, and the Bears ran out clock.
  3. But many believe others responsible for the crime remain on the loose.
  4. And he ( or she ) is unidentified and on the loose.
  5. By Wednesday, eight of the 24 rhesus macaques remained on the loose.
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  7. I considered him to be too dangerous to be on the loose,
  8. At least one remained on the loose at the performance I attended.
  9. Scatchard pounced on the loose puck and wristed it in past Irbe.
  10. Residents in nearby neighborhoods were alerted that prisoners were on the loose.
  11. But I feel fear because the murderer is still on the loose.
  12. Not to mention the four dead men on the loose wreaking havoc.
  13. Edwin Silfa's Prince of Evil was a tornado on the loose.
  14. Critics commented on the loose and rough quality of these performances.
  15. A rampaging alien is on the loose at Walt Disney World.
  16. Gronholm had the disadvantage of starting first on the loose gravel.
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