on the game in a sentence

"on the game" meaning  "on the game" in Chinese  
  1. But he still lives to have an impact on the game.
  2. TV sets will allow parents to keep tabs on the game.
  3. A lot of people relied on the games for extra income,
  4. If there is a ( betting ) line on the game,
  5. They ask me did we bet any money on the games,
  6. It's difficult to find on the game in a sentence.
  7. NBC will concentrate more on the game than the showbiz angle.
  8. It's a sad commentary on the game ."
  9. The home run came on the game's fourth pitch.
  10. The miles are harder on the game's small men.
  11. They tried their best to keep their minds on the game.
  12. Bet on the game in which you can affect the outcome.
  13. Fans have not been allowed to concentrate solely on The Game.
  14. He commented occasionally on the game, but darted to tangents.
  15. We need to focus on the game, not the officials.
  16. That was most apparent on the game's final drive.
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