on the film in a sentence

"on the film" in Chinese  
  1. Principal photography on the film is scheduled to continue through January.
  2. A novel based on the film about the 1839 mutiny aboard a
  3. Larger distributors passed on the film and so did smaller ones.
  4. Foxx spent time with Charles before starting work on the film.
  5. The DVD's extras include a documentary on the film.
  6. It's difficult to find on the film in a sentence.
  7. "We saw that on the film, " he said.
  8. Work on the film stopped at the time of their arrest.
  9. Harris has a reputation for being serious on the film set.
  10. She was also credited as a script consultant on the film.
  11. The light enters through the slit to record on the film.
  12. Still, Simon recalled, Ekland worked hard on the film.
  13. Production on the film started shooting on January 13, 2014.
  14. The latter two songs appeared on the film's soundtrack.
  15. Carter then enlisted Daniel Sackheim as a producer on the film.
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