on the field in a sentence

"on the field" in Chinese  
  1. We wanted to answer any questions they had on the field.
  2. We still have to keep our main focus on the field.
  3. All I had to do was walk out on the field.
  4. And we try to get our best players on the field.
  5. White may still have plenty left to give on the field.
  6. It's difficult to find on the field in a sentence.
  7. What makes the Dolphins better is having Parmalee on the field.
  8. And this penalty thing for lying on the field of play.
  9. We have to get on the field and win our games.
  10. The NFL is the last bastion of cleanliness on the field.
  11. Heaven forbid they should have to prove themselves on the field.
  12. He also believes in building a firm foundation on the field.
  13. It was almost like a dream being on the field today,
  14. Not only is Omar a very special player on the field,
  15. Ripken was still on the field being honored as midnight approached.
  16. The numbers in the stands told the story on the field.
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