on the fence in a sentence

"on the fence" meaning  "on the fence" in Chinese  
  1. I was just sitting on the fence, waiting to see what happened.
  2. No sitting on the fence is going to be allowed by anybody.
  3. It basically scalped him, and he fell and landed on the fence,
  4. But I realized being on the fence is not a good thing.
  5. The figures " mean policy makers will be sitting on the fence.
  6. It's difficult to find on the fence in a sentence.
  7. More fodder for enemy recruiters to use against kids on the fence.
  8. They had him trapped on the fence, then they let him off.
  9. Rick insists that he is needed on the fences and the runs.
  10. Or the ads that actually are on the fence or the scoreboard.
  11. Kate seemed on the fence about wanting to tell Sonny about Dante.
  12. I am teetering on the fence like I think many people are.
  13. The Aspen Times sided with the local man on the fence incident.
  14. One of those sitting on the fence this week was Kramer.
  15. The people who are on the fence are getting more aggressive.
  16. Those who are sitting on the fence will never jump over.
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