on the feed in a sentence

"on the feed" in Chinese  
  1. The agency has a maximum 10 weeks to rule on the fee.
  2. "An agreement was made " with industry on the fees, she said.
  3. It depends on the fees you charge and the expenses you have,
  4. AT & amp; T isn't the first to tack on the fee.
  5. I have hit refresh / reload on the feed to update them.
  6. It's difficult to find on the feed in a sentence.
  7. European Union farm ministers were considering an EU-wide ban on the feed.
  8. At a hearing on the fee increases Tuesday, no one testified.
  9. A Qualcomm spokesman had no immediate comment on the fee pact.
  10. AT & T isn't the first to tack on the fee.
  11. The City Commission will vote on the fee increase on Monday.
  12. After all the input, we did not develop consensus on the fee issue,
  13. Yes, keep your eye on the fees at places with names like KashPoynte.
  14. Were you dreading or looking forward to putting on the feed bag again?
  15. Petera declined to comment on the fees to The Associated Press.
  16. On the fees, Wan Hashim said it would be the same as in Malaysia.
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