on short notice in a sentence

"on short notice" meaning  "on short notice" in Chinese  
  1. Blix has said his teams are ready to return on short notice.
  2. He always reserves the right to come down here on short notice.
  3. Before 1985, the host of the final was determined on short notice.
  4. Speyer contributed 200 marksmen which were sent on short notice to Mannheim.
  5. I think we demonstrated the ability to project power on short notice.
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  7. Ms . Murphy was replacing on short notice the soprano Noemi Nadelmann.
  8. Either way, huge amounts of supplies could be needed on short notice.
  9. Some sick employees can be replaced on short notice, but not everyone.
  10. The trained volunteers go out on short notice to America's worst disasters.
  11. The first group of 25 medics returned on short notice Monday night.
  12. And flights that are available on short notice often require high fares.
  13. Many stationers in Hong Kong will perform this service on short notice.
  14. He always reserves the right to come down here on short notice,
  15. That missile will have the range to strike Israel on short notice.
  16. Its unions are willing and able to strike on short notice.
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