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  1. The Galaxy is very big on shipboard amenities designed to make this ship a destination in itself.
  2. On shipboard the computer and satellite linked GMDSS system has largely replaced Morse as a means of communication.
  3. On 1 June 1639, William Leete was among the 25 signers of the Plantation Covenant on shipboard.
  4. It's not enough that he try to impress strangers on shipboard, people he would never see again.
  5. The group opts for cruises because there's something for everyone on shipboard, but dinner together is mandatory.
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  7. The town contains an old English cemetery where Europeans who died on shipboard on the way to Calcutta are buried.
  8. He sailed from Macau to India on February 9, 1613 and started to work on the manuscript already on shipboard.
  9. Sterling then informed me that a person must be appointed to appraise the stock before they would take any on shipboard.
  10. He died on shipboard, on February 21, 1850, in his 40th year, and was buried at sea.
  11. Trubleville took a force of soldiers on shipboard from Bristol and sailed up the River Towy to the beleaguered castle and town.
  12. Giant tortoises were popular game as they could be kept alive on shipboard for weeks or months to provide fresh meat on demand.
  13. Fredenthal and his assistants then created a mural in five panels, in true fresco, depicting the range of experiences on shipboard.
  14. Though details on the incidents were sparse, it was the first time anyone in the cruise industry had disclosed statistics on shipboard crime.
  15. His was a hireling army of recruits gathered from work-houses and by impressment, drilled in the use of arms on shipboard.
  16. The novel " Tom Fool " ( 1926-Heinemann ) deals with a young man's experiences on sailing ships and is extremely impressive on shipboard life.
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