on principle in a sentence

"on principle" meaning  "on principle" in Chinese  
  1. Either one opposes intervention on principle or you go along with it,
  2. Journalists always have to quit on principle or be fired on principle.
  3. Journalists always have to quit on principle or be fired on principle.
  4. Several other permanent Security Council members are opposed to intervention on principle.
  5. China says it objects on principle to foreign troops in any country.
  6. It's difficult to find on principle in a sentence.
  7. The prosecutor had asked for a conviction on principle against Hans Muench.
  8. We have great regard for the senator and usually agree on principle,
  9. But we will also be severe with the United States on principle.
  10. Conciliation in tone is not the same as compromise on principle.
  11. Sometimes a coach has to make a decision based on principle,
  12. But we felt we had to make a stand on principle.
  13. Compromising on principles is much more difficult than compromising on numbers.
  14. She said she objected to the eruv on principle, not religion.
  15. Apart from the absurd impracticality, the idea fails on principle alone.
  16. He was noted for acting on principle with honesty and courage.
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