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  1. The pharmacologist Jonathan Pereira came in to lecture on materia medica.
  2. In 1766 he returned to Glasgow University to begin lecturing on Materia Medica.
  3. He lectured in the medical school there on materia medica, and then on medicine.
  4. He was physician to the 11th Tokugawa shogun Tokugawa Ienari Kurimoto Masayoshi lectured on Materia Medica.
  5. He was physician to the Western General Dispensary, and lecturer on materia medica at Middlesex Hospital.
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  7. He lectured there on materia medica from 1856 to 1873, and on medicine from 1873 to 1877.
  8. In 1841 he was appointed Lecturer on Materia Medica, Medical Botany and Medical Jurisprudence, in Dartmouth Medical College.
  9. He is the author of " A Synopsis of a Course of Lectures on Materia Medica " ( Chicago, 1884 ).
  10. It is uncertain whether he was in fact the author of a treatise on materia medica that is attributed to him in the extant copies, of which The National Library of Medicine has one.
  11. The historian of medicine Vivian Nutton, in " Ancient Medicine ", writes that Dioscorides's " five books in Greek On Materia medica attained canonical status in Late Antiquity ."
  12. This finding was communicated by the same scholar in the International Society for the History of Medicine, with agreement of John M . Riddle, one of the foremost experts on Materia Medica-Dioscorides works.
  13. He removed to Bridge Street, Blackfriars, in 1808, was elected physician to the General Dispensary, Aldersgate Street, in 1809, and about that time began to lecture on materia medica and the practice of physic.
  14. He was elected assistant physician in 1854, and during the next few years he held several teaching posts, being appointed lecturer on botany in 1859, on materia medica in 1860, on general anatomy and physiology in 1865, on pathology in 1870.
  15. As with " Notes of a New Truth ", the majority of Epps'lectures were directed at lay readers; however, he also lectured to medical professionals and was lecturer on materia medica at the Homoeopathic Hospital, Hanover Square ( c . 1861 ).
  16. In addition to the works already mentioned Boott also published'Two Lectures on Materia Medica'in 1837, and he prepared a monograph of 158 species of " Carex ", which was printed in Sir William Jackson Hooker's'Flora Boreali-Americana '.
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