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  1. There are no legal restrictions on marriage between members of different faiths.
  2. That penalty, say the Republicans, amounts to an unconscionable attack on marriage.
  3. Congress was simply exercising this right in its recent law on marriages.
  4. The gimmick is a fussy way of commenting on marriage in general.
  5. She retired in 1857 on marriage and died in Paris in 1904.
  6. It's difficult to find on marriage in a sentence.
  7. Horn said the moment is right for a new effort on marriage.
  8. A change in the law on marriage would be up to Parliament.
  9. Marriage in the Bible Redundant and inferior to Jewish views on marriage.
  10. But why is there a federal " sin tax " on marriage?
  11. Tapping such units also puts a toll on marriages, he said.
  12. Lockhart changes his mind on marriage when meeting her and all are reconciled.
  13. As early as 1978 Wilkins wrote a paper on marriage law in Italy.
  14. The one that pushes the most buttons is the one on marriage reconciliation,
  15. We see some parents signing off on marriages for teens and older men,
  16. Still another could have a girlfriend who looks down on marriage.
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