on mark in a sentence

"on mark" in Chinese  
  1. There are no clear and specific guidelines on mark-ups.
  2. Scottie Pippen was called for two quick fouls on Mark Jackson.
  3. And the new documentary on Mark Twain did not disappoint me.
  4. Aggies have been right on mark over and over again this season
  5. Carlos Guillen doubled and scored on Mark McLemore's groundout.
  6. It's difficult to find on mark in a sentence.
  7. Abby later invites Elektra to dinner on Mark's behalf.
  8. He appear surprising lienient towards Domer and unjustly harsh on Mark.
  9. There were no developments on Mark Messier's holdout.
  10. Lighting Out for the Territory : Reflections on Mark Twain and American Culture
  11. Sure-handed walk-on Mark Reynosa might contribute as well.
  12. Our money is on Mark McGwire of the St . Louis Cardinals.
  13. Flashbulbs blink, shining thousands of points of light on Mark McGwire.
  14. Jeff Duncan singled and scored on Mark Ernster's base hit.
  15. More on Mark Sandman : " It was a beautiful night.
  16. On Mark Cuban, there was this latest observation from His Wormness:
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