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  1. Day traders depend heavily on borrowing money or buying stocks on margin.
  2. Competition in all group markets will continue to place pressure on margins,
  3. There will be a squeeze on margins, " says a senior banker.
  4. Investors who trade on margin are taking a loan to buy shares.
  5. The Morgan Stanley brokers had another incentive to put customers on margin.
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  7. For the fourth quarter, EVC sees " less pressure on margins ."
  8. Underlying the business there is fierce competition and pressure on margins.
  9. And investors can't buy shares with borrowed money, or on margin.
  10. The deals, financed by the banks, were apparently made on margin without authorization.
  11. Meanwhile, increased competition put pressure on margins of the B2C website.
  12. The brokerage firms profited from the interest on margin accounts, while investors suffered.
  13. San Miguel is largely dependent on imported raw materials, putting pressure on margins,
  14. You can buy each stock individually on margin in the cash stock market.
  15. This will be another force bearing down on margins and profitability,
  16. This could have a big impact on people who buy stock on margin,
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