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  1. The town's creation began in 1942, years before it appeared on maps.
  2. The town can clearly be seen on maps even before this date.
  3. Yet it has no zip code and does not appear on maps.
  4. These names often appear on maps and persist in local road names.
  5. The team relied on maps by Ptolemy and photographs from Landsat spacecraft.
  6. It's difficult to find on map in a sentence.
  7. His name on maps and grants is recorded as Don Carlos Trudeau.
  8. The area was featured on maps for decades without having been explored.
  9. For a travel guide, the book is short on maps and pictures.
  10. Explorers can look for a waterfall that is earmarked downstream on maps.
  11. IATA is reluctant to change designations once they appear on maps.
  12. Salt Lick Creek appeared on maps as early as the 1740s.
  13. Last month's search focused on the location marked on maps at that time.
  14. The combat knives sold fairly well, as did the manuals on map reading.
  15. Zones of similar potential earthquake shaking are thus determined and drawn on maps.
  16. Win over Philly still needed to put Tampa Bay on map
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