on many occasions in a sentence

"on many occasions" in Chinese  
  1. He has appeared as a soloist with the orchestra on many occasions.
  2. Walton has represented Ireland or Great Britain & Ireland on many occasions.
  3. He said the previous contractor had on many occasions delayed the project.
  4. Drexler was ejected on many occasions when O'Donnell was working Portland games.
  5. On many occasions, project meetings can be carried out remotely via video-conferencing.
  6. It's difficult to find on many occasions in a sentence.
  7. On many occasions, I haven't even been able to see the hood.
  8. Our team on many occasions in big games has played big games,
  9. He has on many occasions behaved in a rash and impulsive manner.
  10. On many occasions, she faced birdie attempts of 20 feet or longer.
  11. The director Phyllida Lloyd has worked with both men on many occasions.
  12. Lots of them have been bailed on many occasions and come back.
  13. On many occasions I have seen smoke coming out of that building.
  14. She credited some superb putting with saving par on many occasions.
  15. It was pillaged and burnt by the Tatars on many occasions.
  16. They seldom get along and their personalities clash on many occasions.
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