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  1. Others were typed on manual typewriters and transcribed from even older records.
  2. The other mount, on manual control, could not be trained around in time.
  3. Even though he has an automatic sprinkler system, it is set on manual.
  4. To save on manual labor, many CAFOs handle manure waste as a liquid.
  5. This process makes wet-on-wet printing possible, reducing time usually spent on manual pre-treatment.
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  7. Although not making outright reverts, it does border on manual edit warring as well.
  8. Woodward lectured extensively on manual training and his high school.
  9. Paddles are generally only found on manual external units.
  10. By 1968 PAVN was relying less on manual labor and increasingly utilizing modern construction equipment.
  11. Other factors identified by government inquiries included undersized safety devices and the dependence on manual operations.
  12. The old factory relies heavily on manual labor.
  13. The subway system was built on manual labor.
  14. Worldwide, consumers spend about $ 4.5 billion a year on manual and power toothbrushes, Gillette said.
  15. BARTLETT-BOX _ MEXICO CITY _ A biobox on Manual Bartlett . ( Ferriss, Cox News Service)
  16. It's fairly crude but it does search all pages in Wikipedia automatically without relying on manual indexing.
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