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  1. Letitia Baldrige, the authority on manners, tosses a Viagra joke into lectures.
  2. He says they will actually run the district in a hands-on manner.
  3. All three were collections of curious information on manners, antiquities and various other subjects.
  4. Show hunters as a group are judged on manners, way of going, and conformation.
  5. I'm working my way up to a parable on manners.
  6. It's difficult to find on manners in a sentence.
  7. Rep . David Obey, D-Wis ., lectured Aristide on manners.
  8. Cure : We won't even comment on manners here.
  9. On manners in the schools : " How do we get polite children in the schools?
  10. She also consistently lectured on manners and morals, often relating to women s rights as citizens.
  11. He later was fired after grabbing a student by the arm to lecture him on manners.
  12. Achard also wrote many books on manners.
  13. Despite the inconveniences, O'Toole said he appreciates the Games-must-go-on manner in which Olympic officials have reacted to the bombing.
  14. girls ain't long on manners.
  15. Given the new king's lesser experience and stature, he will find it hard to rule in such a hands-on manner.
  16. Wellington's Regent on Manners complex was closed in late 2009, and was redeveloped as a Le Cordon Bleu cooking school.
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