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  1. There was $ 6.5 million spent on maintenance of the campus annually.
  2. The Air Force is spending millions of dollars a year on maintenance.
  3. The big movement on maintenance of ecological integrity has happened since 2001.
  4. Bathrooms are breaking down because the province has cut back on maintenance.
  5. "We don't have a dime to spend " on maintenance, Connor said.
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  7. How to command to my bot to appoint date on maintenance template?
  8. The Park Service is spending $ 8 . 3 million on maintenance.
  9. They will begin their work on July 17, focusing on maintenance programs.
  10. Peak Performance also lets you print out customizable reports on maintenance history.
  11. Others will be deployed on maintenance projects, said company spokeswoman Susan Suver.
  12. To save on maintenance costs, NJDOT removed these call boxes in 2005.
  13. Cash-strapped airlines often fly aging planes and skimp on maintenance to cut costs.
  14. Owners spend an additional $ 100, 000 per year on maintenance and replanting.
  15. Pollack said investigators will focus on maintenance records and interviewing witnesses.
  16. Roundabouts also save money on maintenance and energy for traffic signals, Retting said.
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