on grounds of in a sentence

"on grounds of" in Chinese  
  1. But it deserved protection on grounds of free speech and academic freedom.
  2. An earlier voiceless aspirated row was removed on grounds of insufficient evidence.
  3. A first marriage ended in divorce on grounds of his wife's adultery.
  4. Lady Lindsay divorced her husband in 1967 on grounds of his desertion.
  5. Within weeks he was removed from the throne on grounds of insanity.
  6. It's difficult to find on grounds of in a sentence.
  7. He was released early in January 1920 on grounds of general amnesty.
  8. He was dismissed by the congress on grounds of alleged mental incapacity.
  9. Lord Walker held there had been indirect discrimination on grounds of race.
  10. But to nominate her on grounds of notability ? ? ! !!
  11. Frost, 35, had sought the divorce on grounds of his unreasonable behavior.
  12. This submission was rejected by LJ Thorpe on grounds of gender role:
  13. Rabin criticizes this implication of expected utility theory on grounds of implausibility.
  14. Congress removed Bucaram last week on grounds of " mental incapacity ."
  15. Cheung, 37, admitted five counts of manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility.
  16. Details : Some IP has PRODed Van Badham on grounds of notability.
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