on ground that in a sentence

"on ground that" in Chinese  
  1. It overthrows the Chavalit concessions on grounds that they contravene laws.
  2. The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed on grounds that it was meritless.
  3. But Garcia was actually deported on grounds that he held dual citizenship.
  4. It faces a court challenge on grounds that it's unconstitutional.
  5. Hatteras Light is sitting on ground that wants to move.
  6. It's difficult to find on ground that in a sentence.
  7. Helms vetoed the nomination on grounds that Weld was soft on drugs.
  8. Baghdad has opposed the resolution on grounds that it violates its independence.
  9. Iraqi officials barred inspectors on grounds that it was the Muslim sabbath.
  10. _Voters were denied ballots on grounds that their precinct had changed.
  11. The hospital has refused comment on grounds that disciplinary procedures are confidential.
  12. Worse, it treads on ground that Janeane Garofalo explores much more intelligently.
  13. Those requests were also denied, on grounds that authorities have not explained.
  14. He appealed on grounds that the punishment was excessive.
  15. Dentsu appealed on grounds that Oshima hadn't reported all his overtime.
  16. Carey's election was invalidated recently on grounds that he received improper donations.
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