on ground of in a sentence

"on ground of" in Chinese  
  1. His job offer was summarily withdrawn on grounds of inappropriate behavior.
  2. Both activists were arrested Monday on grounds of endangering national security.
  3. Group is considering filing EEOC complaint on grounds of religious discrimination.
  4. Norquist also objects to conservation easements on grounds of social equity.
  5. Honecker and two others were excused on grounds of ill health.
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  7. The pair were given early release on grounds of good behavior.
  8. The judge acquitted five other policemen on grounds of insufficient evidence.
  9. Anwar was sacked and arrested by Mahathir on grounds of immorality.
  10. Defense lawyers want to keep it out on grounds of coercion.
  11. However, the charges were dropped on grounds of insufficient evidence.
  12. He continued to remain in prison solely on grounds of apostasy.
  13. However, Subbarayalu Reddiar resigned soon afterwards on grounds of health.
  14. Enraght refused to attend his own trial on grounds of conscience.
  15. On grounds of this being a potential nightmare to unravel afterwards.
  16. Khi阭 was ruled unfit for trial on grounds of mental incompetence.
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