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  1. Good marketing may, however, be the only thing that " On Green Dolphin Street " has going for it.
  2. The brief collaboration of Gillespie and Pozo produced some of the most enduring Afro-Cuban jazz standards . " On Green Dolphin Street ."
  3. This approach can be heard on pre-1980 recordings of " Manteca ", " A Night in Tunisia ", " Tin Tin Deo ", and " On Green Dolphin Street ".
  4. Many jazz standards such as " Manteca ", " On Green Dolphin Street " and " Song for My Father " have a " Latin " A section and a swung B section.
  5. A different aesthetic was in place during the session, as Bill Evans'first rhapsodic, impressionistic chords on " On Green Dolphin Street " highlighted the mid-tempo track, while Jimmy Cobb's brush technique grooved behind Davis'trumpet solo.
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  7. From a marketing standpoint, publishing Sebastian Faulks'most recent novel, " On Green Dolphin Street, " concurrently with the release of the movie " Charlotte Gray, " based on an earlier novel by Faulks, is an excellent move.
  8. 15 . " On Green Dolphin Street " ( Bronislaw Kaper, Ned Washington )  2 : 40 " Previously only available on the United Artist Records album UAD 60091 / 2, " The Lena Horne Collection ""
  9. The initial " Billboard " review from March 13, 1961 commented of Wilson's singing that " These are standout renditions by the youthful thrush, in which she offers fanciful, stylised and sometimes moody interpretations as " Born to Be Blue ", " The Things We Did Last Summer ", " Let's Live Again " and " On Green Dolphin Street ".

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