on great occasions in a sentence

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  1. On great occasions the light produced rivaled that of the sun.
  2. Historically, Britain has so often on great occasions thrown up the leader that the occasion demanded.
  3. Magnes could speak Hebrew eloquently on great occasions, but it was with an American accent and in a literary style.
  4. In the mid 19th century, the park contained a Crimean War cannon known as the'Sebastopol Gun', which was fired on great occasions.
  5. The building has evolved over time and continues to serve the University in the manner envisioned by SMU President Charles Selecman as " a place where we can have our friends from the community and elsewhere gather together on great occasions ."
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  7. Ordinary questions of discipline are in the ordinary course settled in councils, often held with the assent of the kings, but on great occasions & ndash; the Canon Law; they show indignation at the mere idea that anyone should fail in consideration for them.
  8. Theodore Ledyard Cuyler described Cox as " one of the most famous celebrities in the Presbyterian Church . . . famous for his linguistic attainments, for his wit and occasional eccentricities, and very famous for his bursts of eloquence on great occasions . " When awarded the appellation of Doctor of Divinity by the College of New Jersey, which would later become Princeton University, he famously derided it as a couple of " semi-lunar fardels ".

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