on grassland in a sentence

"on grassland" in Chinese  
  1. Here, he studied the effect of grazing and dereliction on grassland vegetation.
  2. It is found on grassland at high altitudes in Bolivia and Peru.
  3. Climate change will have a tremendous effect on grassland, forest and farmland.
  4. This sagebrush grows on grasslands and shrublands in mountains and on plains.
  5. It is an important species for grazers on grasslands in parts of Arizona.
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  7. This common plant is found on grasslands, especially on neutral soils.
  8. They may also be found amongst bamboo, on grasslands, savannas, scrub and farmland edge.
  9. In certain regions of southwest US, shrubs and trees have been encroaching on grassland.
  10. Julian holds permits to graze thousands of sheep on grasslands in the national forests.
  11. Predominantly a grazer, the waterbuck is mostly found on grassland.
  12. The cows are kept on grassland pasture all year due to the mild climate.
  13. Livestock could be fed by grazing on grasslands, integrated or non-integrated with crops production.
  14. It has diverse flora, especially on grassland rides, and unusual plants on the wettest soils.
  15. These birds forage on grasslands and mudflats, picking up food by sight, sometimes by probing.
  16. It is usually found between 100 and 2, 800 m on grasslands and sparse forests.
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