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  1. On Grafton Street, meanwhile, there are not many independent, Irish-owned businesses anymore.
  2. The following month he helped switch on the Christmas lights on Grafton Street.
  3. The Dublin Store on Grafton Street is the chain's flagship location.
  4. He later moved to Dublin and began performing Charlie Chaplin on Grafton Street.
  5. UMI 3 is located in the Core Technology Facility in Manchester on Grafton street.
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  7. Bushell's first publication was issued from his shop on Grafton Street on March 23, 1752.
  8. The final show was broadcast on Grafton Street, on Christmas Eve ( 24 December ) 1998.
  9. HMV opened a new branch on Grafton Street on 19 April 2014 and in Edward Square, Galway in Summer 2014.
  10. A few of the street musicians and beggars on Grafton Street apparently agreed, displaying handwritten signs saying they accepted euro.
  11. The firm's distinctive shop-front on Grafton Street, designed by John Bruckland in 1974, was grade II listed by English Heritage in 2012.
  12. At the time Rotheray was studying for a PhD at the University of Hull and living on Grafton Street, where Heaton also lived.
  13. Stewart began his working life as an apprentice tailor in Dublin, but later moved to become a warehouse assistant at a tailors on Grafton Street.
  14. The PWC campus on Grafton Street was taken over by the provincial government and formed the basis for a community college known as Holland College.
  15. Heading east on Grafton Street, we pass John's old junior high, now Worcester East Middle School _ in his local accent, he pronounces it " Wistah ."
  16. Bewley s Cafe on Grafton Street closed again for refurbishment in February 2015, with works that were expected to reduce the capacity of the cafe by half.
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