on charity in a sentence

"on charity" in Chinese  
  1. "They have been living on charity in the open, " she said.
  2. Click on Charities Search, and you will link to information from Guidestar.
  3. The Komen Foundation has relied on charity athletic events to raise money.
  4. In 1994, South Carolina passed a law cracking down on charity fraud.
  5. He refused to depend on charity, and lived in Bangladesh almost incognito.
  6. It's difficult to find on charity in a sentence.
  7. Q : Is there an Internet site for checking up on charities?
  8. Ratings are based on charity audits, IRS Form 990 and independent analyses.
  9. Yet moralism and freedom come together in Coats's emphasis on charities.
  10. The state's information on charities may also be accessed on the Internet at
  11. Farhat Paracha said he went only on charity and business delegations.
  12. Many families have burned through savings and are subsisting on charity.
  13. After nearly three decades as a minor government employee, she survives on charity.
  14. After the death of the queen dowager in 1714, she lived on charity.
  15. Now I'll learn from Cardinal Wu and focus more on charity.
  16. They have been uncertain about the amount spent on charity, " for instance.
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