on board a ship in a sentence

"on board a ship" in Chinese  
  1. Answer : You can put a boat on board a ship ".
  2. Usually, seafarers work on board a ship between three and six years.
  3. There was additional filming on board a ship a number of months later.
  4. He defeats the wizard, and escapes Llewdor on board a ship.
  5. Soon he was on board a ship bound for Africa.
  6. It's difficult to find on board a ship in a sentence.
  7. This vessel must have been transported on board a ship.
  8. The delegation went on board a ship to sail out and obtain a statue.
  9. Failing to escape on board a ship, he stabbed himself.
  10. The guns had been on board a ship that sank.
  11. He notably took charge of a cholera epidemic on board a ship at Calcutta.
  12. He died from a heart attack on board a ship en route to England.
  13. Goudstikker died on board a ship with his family while attempting to flee the Netherlands.
  14. Then they secretly went on board a ship, which Poris had waiting in the wings.
  15. A "'navigator "'is the person on board a ship or aircraft responsible for its navigation.
  16. He was similarly mutilated, and put on board a ship bound for Portugal in custody.
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