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  1. On analysis the fruit juice was found not to contain any poison.
  2. The study was based on analysis of two decades of government data.
  3. The rest were based on analysis of existing information and unsourced opinion.
  4. In 1935 they started working together on analysis and became close associates.
  5. Throughout the 20th century, English philosophy focused closely on analysis of language.
  6. It's difficult to find on analysis in a sentence.
  7. The majority of classification schemes are based on analysis on a radiograph.
  8. This was based on analysis of those featured in national newspaper birthday lists.
  9. Spotnitz focused on analysis of group resistances rather than individual resistances.
  10. Based on analysis of various experimental reports, it was suggested that " msiK"
  11. It depends on perspective, on analysis and on faith, too, in the future.
  12. (BULLET ) Greater emphasis on analysis of information that is gathered.
  13. This probability can be computed precisely based on analysis of the birthday problem.
  14. Most approaches to behavioral detection are based on analysis of system call dependencies.
  15. Literature was approached and literary scholarship did not focus on analysis of texts.
  16. Diagnosis has usually been based on analysis of cells in the blood stream.
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