oilers in a sentence

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  1. The Oilers have gone to elaborate lengths to disguise their signals.
  2. I owe it to the Oilers to concentrate on the field.
  3. Jack Pardee, Oilers : Remember when he coached the Bears?
  4. Do the Oilers want a mama's boy leading them?
  5. So naturally, the Oilers are stockpiling quarterbacks from . ..
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  7. Someday, the fortunes of Adams and the Oilers might change.
  8. The Oilers ( 0-2 ) fought to the finish.
  9. It cost a surging Oilers offense precious time off the clock.
  10. It's teams like the Oilers that get all wet.
  11. He suffered one interception, and it cost the Oilers dearly.
  12. Last week we blamed the flu and the Oilers'blitz.
  13. The Oilers had 204 yards but led only 7-0.
  14. It's no wonder the Oilers are 1-4.
  15. No team has to play comeback football more than the Oilers.
  16. The Oilers are averaging just 13.2 points a game.
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