oiler park in a sentence

  1. The Drillers set up shop at Oiler Park, which was renamed Driller Park.
  2. By the end of the 1976 season, the Oilers were again faced with the deteriorating condition of Oiler Park.
  3. It was formerly known as "'Oiler Park "'before being renamed in honor of Coral Seymour, a vital figure in the early history of the Oilers.
  4. Smith had poured significant resources into Oiler Park at something approaching AAA standards, but it was apparent that the 43-year-old facility was nearing the end of its useful life.
  5. After the Oilers, long a mainstay of the AA Texas League, won promotion to Triple-A, Smith poured significant resources into keeping Oiler Park at something approaching Triple-A standards.
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  7. During Smith's ownership, the Oilers won five league titles ( two Texas League, one PCL, two AA ), but struggled with the deteriorating condition of their aging stadium, Oiler Park.
  8. When Smith was unable to get commitments for a new park, or at least further public or private funding for badly-needed upgrades to Oiler Park, he moved the team to New Orleans after the 1976 season.
  9. In 1961, the team was nearly moved to Albuquerque partly due to the stadium's poor state of repair, but A . Ray Smith bought out the previous owner and heavily renovated the park, renaming it Oiler Park.

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