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  1. Ltd , gudao oil picking factory must take the responsibility of petroleum production and cost management
  2. So , to research how the oil picking factories enhance the cost management is very important and meaningful . this thesis makes a review systematically about the theory of capital management from the basic and forward theory of capital management in the world , analyzes the problem about the capital management of gudao oil picking factory , probes into the measures and the methods to settle the problems , and then brings the comprehensive proposals about the capital management of gudao oil picking factory : improves the system of capital control , establishes the models of the whole capital control system at the base of task management , build the value chain of oil picking factory task , through making use of the theory of task value chain , shifts the stress of the capital management of oil picking factory from the crude oil producing to task value chain . through canceling the task that did not add the value , control the capital expenditure , then makes the capital management more precisely and completely ; through analyzing the task segment specifically , makes the measures of the single task capital management , clear the stress of every segment of the task , manages the crude oil picking capital objectively ; applies the forward theories and ways of the capital management , analyzes the capital and benefit , evaluates the capital and the output scientifically , basing on the theory . analyzes the measures of the capital management and the whole capital system precisely , then provides the basis for the operation policies
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