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  1. He would then turn 20 sheets of tissue paper and insert a second oiled paper.
  2. To prevent the bojagi from being dirtied from food, the underside is often lined with oiled paper.
  3. When this thickness is reached the aam papad is cut into pieces and wrapped in oiled paper or into different packages.
  4. Although grill experts have differing opinions, we found wiping the cooking grates lightly with oiled paper towels prevents the vegetables from sticking.
  5. They were very light, unequal span biplane hang gliders with a strong wire and cane braced braced lightweight structure, covered in oiled paper.
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  7. These may be frozen in small pans, slipped into the Frigidaire freezing compartment or may all be frozen in one tray, separated by oiled paper.
  8. The secondary winding consists of thousands of turns of smaller wire, insulated from the high voltage by enamel on the wires and layers of oiled paper insulation.
  9. Even windows were primarily made of oiled paper or stained glass, until the mid-nineteenth century, due to the high cost of making clear, flat panes of glass.
  10. Windows, if they existed at all, were made of oiled papers, while doors and floors were constructed of rough boards split from trees and attached together with wooden pegs.
  11. He began to experiment with the use of oiled paper as a medium for displaying motion pictures in 1885 and by 1887 he was experimenting with the use of celluloid.
  12. By the 1920s, opera masters began using layers of masks made of oiled paper or dried pig bladders, which they could peel one after another in the blink of an eye.
  13. More compact construction methods began to be used, such as a flexible dielectric sheet ( like oiled paper ) sandwiched between sheets of metal foil, rolled or folded into a small package.
  14. In that case, he would insert a sheet of oiled paper into the copying book in front of the first tissue on which he wanted to make a copy of a letter.
  15. Most of the plastic films now used offer better stability and ageing performance than such older dielectrics such as oiled paper, which makes them useful in timer circuits, although they may be limited to relatively low operating temperatures and frequencies, because of the limitations of the plastic film being used.
  16. The building's window openings were originally covered in oiled paper, which would have provided a limited amount of daylight . ( The interior is currently lit by electric lights added by the museum . ) It was rescued from demolition by the museum, its previous use having been as a chicken coop.
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