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  1. A later entry specifies the place as Oilean Ruadh, or Red Island.
  2. Edmond was taken prisoner and carried all the way to Oilean-an-lara ( the Earls Island ).
  3. He was captured at Ballinrobe and taken to Oilean-an-lara ( the Earls Island ) where he was killed.
  4. Oilean Da Chruinne contains the remains of a simple, early Christian oratory on the island's south side, which R韔ch is said to have built.
  5. :: : I have the advantage of knowing absolutely nothing about Gaeilge, so here's what I found : " Nil einne beo nach bhfluair oilean, is trua a chas ma theigh " ( most of this story is in English with Irish interspersions ), two boards had " Nil einne ann nach feidir leis a bheith d'aon thuairim leat " and " ach nil einne ag caitheamh iad . . . ".
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