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  1. The first post office opened at Oildale in 1916.
  2. A native of Oildale, California, Haslam has received numerous literary awards.
  3. Oildale is adjacent to three large oil fields, including two of the largest in California.
  4. Previously called Waits and North Side, Oildale was founded in 1909 when Samuel Dickinson subdivided his land.
  5. Simpson performed frequently in the Bakersfield area, including a regular Monday night gig at Trout's in Oildale.
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  7. The front photo was shot in Oildale, California, described by Roadrunner Records as a " gripping image ".
  8. "' Standard School District "'is a Kindergarten-8th grade public school district in Oildale, California.
  9. From the diversion, the canal follows the course of the Kern River, until reaching the common diversion ( used by the Oildale.
  10. That changed in 2009 when Calvary Chapel purchased a defunct Christian AM radio station, KGDP in Oildale, California and renamed it Bakersfield area.
  11. The famed Mosrite company was stationed in Bakersfield until the death of the company's founder, Oildale resident Semie Moseley, in 1992.
  12. In 2015, the converted boxcar in which the Haggard family lived in Oildale was moved to the Kern County Museum for historic preservation and restoration.
  13. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to play in Thursday's game in Oildale, Calif . against Community Christian High School of Bakersfield.
  14. Harvick, who grew up in the suburb of Oildale, was eight after the 36th lap of the Oasis Air 75, and third by lap 60.
  15. Most of the original Groom Lake were built at a secret factory in Oildale disguised as a tire factory, just west of Meadows Field Airport on Norris Road.
  16. The discovery well of the Kern River Oil Field was dug by hand in 1899 . Soon the towns of Oil City, Oil Center and Oildale came into existence.
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