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  1. Oilbirds are reported to eat its fruit and disperse its seeds.
  2. "Some birds, most notably oilbirds, also use echolocation, just as bats do.
  3. It is the oilbird of South America, which nests in caves that are almost completely dark.
  4. Notable birds include : oilbird, endangered northern helmeted curassow and flame-winged parakeet, a species endemic to the region.
  5. Initial mtDNA sequence analysis agreed with earlier morphological and DNA-DNA hybridization studies insofar as that the oilbird and the frogmouths seemed rather distinct.
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  7. The oilbird and the frogmouths seem quite distinct among the remaining Caprimulgiformes, but their exact placement cannot be resolved based on osteological data alone.
  8. The oilbird is called a " gu醕haro " or " tayo " in Spanish, both terms being of indigenous origin.
  9. The common name " oilbird " comes from the fact that in the past chicks were captured and boiled down in order to make oil.
  10. And on the floor of the caves are snakes _ some poisonous _ that wait for the occasional oilbird egg to drop from nests for their eating pleasure.
  11. They range from the many species of hummingbirds to the primitive cave-dwelling oilbird ( that uses sonar to fly in the dark ) to the spectacularly beautiful scarlet ibis.
  12. They range from the many species of hummingbird to the cave-dwelling oilbird ( which uses echo-location to fly in the dark ) and the spectacular scarlet ibis.
  13. The oilbird emits a series of harsh calls and clicks that reflect sound off the walls and other objects, allowing it to navigate within the caves _ much like a bat.
  14. A 1996 study of the mitochondrial DNA of the potoos supported the monophyly of the family although it did not support the previous assumption that it was closely related to the oilbirds.
  15. Even the study of Ericson " et al . " could not properly resolve the oilbird's and frogmouths'relationships beyond the fact that they are quite certainly well distinct.
  16. The Aripo Cave is home to a large oilbird colony, and features stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations . There are many rivers and gorges such as the Guanapo river gorge and Aripo river.
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