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  1. But I don't the rate of acceleration that would result in 9g.
  2. The next stage of acceleration is linear particle accelerator ( linac ).
  3. The initial rate of acceleration of the MR-73 model is ( ).
  4. An ASTM committee has studied the effects of acceleration on the body.
  5. The competition consisted of acceleration, braking distance, and road race course lap-times.
  6. It's difficult to find of acceleration in a sentence.
  7. Finally, in 2014 he is competing in FA1, part of Acceleration 2014.
  8. The bunker could withstand a blast pressure of and 75G of acceleration.
  9. In Einstein s version, he doesn t speak of acceleration and deceleration.
  10. In this case, changing the rate of acceleration will affect the final velocity.
  11. :I always thought of acceleration as ( meter per second ) per second.
  12. Otherwise, the only possible complaint is the expected lack of acceleration.
  13. Where grade skipping is inappropriate, other forms of acceleration may be recommended instead.
  14. Okay, so what is the absolute limit of acceleration a person could withstand?
  15. Like a gated suburban community, it keeps the reality of acceleration at bay.
  16. The kind of acceleration we're developing is complementary to conventional radio-frequency acceleration ."
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