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  1. Any kind of abrasion or pulling, and that hair comes out.
  2. The former is the amount of mass lost per 1000 cycles of abrasion.
  3. As the result of abrasions and collisions, there is an induced crown shyness response.
  4. Evidence of abrasions from original carving are visible on the top of the head.
  5. These rods must be made of abrasion-resistant material due to the high velocities present.
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  7. Controlling the cause of abrasion is sometimes an option.
  8. Whilst the cliff between the village of abrasion.
  9. Pattern of damage to albino Great Frigatebird flight feathers supports hypothesis of abrasion by airborne particles.
  10. They were certainly bottom-dewellers, as shown by traces of abrasion of the ventral surface of their headshield.
  11. It gives the jaws a remarkable amount of abrasion resistance, almost on a par with tooth enamel.
  12. Final finishing can be undertaken with a small hammer and chisel combination or through some method of abrasion.
  13. Sathyavagiswaran based his answers on the presence or absence of blood and the appearance of abrasions and bruisings.
  14. Fluidization of this group requires very high fluid energies and is typically associated with high levels of abrasion.
  15. Their pontoons are made out of abrasion resistant PVC and nylon with aluminum, steel and / or plastic frames for support.
  16. -- Lange said the lack of abrasions on Goldman's knuckles indicate he did not strike his attacker, as the defense contends.
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