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  1. Oceanic islands are islands that do not sit on continental shelves.
  2. As with other oceanic islands, land mammals are mostly bats.
  3. These moths are remarkable for their ability to colonize oceanic islands.
  4. It inhabits seashores in southern Africa and on some oceanic islands.
  5. "They're not oceanic islands ."
  6. It's difficult to find oceanic islands in a sentence.
  7. Cocos Island is an oceanic island of both volcanic and tectonic origin.
  8. It has been introduced to the oceanic island of Fernando de Noronha.
  9. The oceanic manta ray is often in association with offshore oceanic islands.
  10. One type of volcanic oceanic island is found in a volcanic island arc.
  11. Africa, Latin America, and various oceanic islands.
  12. They also occur on a number of oceanic islands.
  13. Several species have colonized oceanic islands and become endemics.
  14. Some species have become naturalized in the Americas and on various oceanic islands.
  15. Another type of volcanic oceanic island occurs where an oceanic rift reaches the surface.
  16. A special case occurs for the highest point on an oceanic island or continent.
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