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  1. It also surveys sea ice, red tides, and other hazardous oceanic conditions.
  2. The information helps the government improve global weather forecasts and track oceanic conditions.
  3. If oceanic conditions are unsuitable, seabirds will emigrate to more productive areas, sometimes permanently if the bird is young.
  4. Some have put the sardine cycle at 60 years, others at 85 to 250 years, in concert with oceanic conditions.
  5. Bonaire lies outside the hurricane belt, though its weather and oceanic conditions are occasionally affected by hurricanes and tropical storms.
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  7. Roemmich was the early leader behind the sensors array Argo which measures vertical profiles of oceanic conditions such as temperature, salinity, and pressure.
  8. It had the optimum conditions to continue gathering strength, and all of a sudden the atmospheric conditions and the oceanic conditions started to work against the storm,
  9. The order does not preclude the Navy from using the submarine-detection system during wartime, and acknowledges that the Navy must be allowed to train with it beforehand in various oceanic conditions.
  10. A combination of atmospheric and oceanic conditions must be just right in order for June Gloom to form, and these conditions usually align only around May and June of each year.
  11. The canneries failed after the collapse of the fishing industry in Monterey Bay in the mid-1950s, which resulted from a combination of factors, including unfavorable oceanic conditions, over-fishing, and competition from other species.
  12. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that " the evolution of the atmospheric and oceanic conditions in the tropical Pacific during the past few months are early indications of warm episode ( El Nino ) conditions ."
  13. Pacific ocean perch larvae are thought to be pelagic and drift with the current, and oceanic conditions may sometimes cause advection to suboptimal areas ( Ainley " et al . " 1993 ) resulting in high recruitment variability.
  14. Further, anoxic or otherwise chemically " nasty " oceanic conditions that resemble those supposed to inhibit macroscopic life re-occur at intervals through the early Cambrian, and also in the late Cretaceous & ndash; with no apparent effect on lifeforms at these times.

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