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  1. It has a tropical oceanic climate, with average temperatures of.
  2. Burnie has an oceanic climate with mild summers and cool winters.
  3. The oceanic climate is found in isolated pockets in South America.
  4. The climate in Santurtzi is of the humid oceanic climate type.
  5. This correlation demonstrates a linkage between continental and oceanic climate events.
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  7. Overijssel enjoys an oceanic climate ( Cfb in the K鰌pen classification ).
  8. Sylt features an oceanic climate that is influenced by the Gulf Stream.
  9. Dunkirk has an oceanic climate, with cool winters and warm summers.
  10. Hastings enjoys an oceanic climate ( according to K鰌pen climate classification ).
  11. Due to its latitude, the island has a cold oceanic climate.
  12. All mid-latitude oceanic climates are classified as humid.
  13. The oceanic climate is prevalent in the more southerly locations of Oceania.
  14. Snowfall tends to be more common here than in other oceanic climates.
  15. Its oceanic climate means that there is little temperature variation.
  16. It has an oceanic climate with cold winters and hot dry summers.
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