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  1. Restricted oceanic circulation in the west led to extensive evaporite formation.
  2. The breakdown in the oceanic circulation patterns brought up nutrients from the abyssal waters.
  3. A 1500-year cycle corresponding to the North Atlantic oceanic circulation may have had widespread global distribution in the Late Holocene.
  4. Similarly, low pressure areas are formed in the oceanic circulation near the Polar regions were sea water is much wamer that the land.
  5. This seems to have been an indicator of shifted oceanic circulation patterns and possibly changed wind direction and speed ( Meronen et al . 2012 ).
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  7. The disappearance of these differences during the Maastritchtian indicates a reorganisation of oceanic circulation patterns that lead to a global homogenisation of intermediate and deep waters.
  8. The atmospheric and oceanic circulation redistributes some of this energy as sensible heat and latent heat partly via the mean flow and partly via eddies, known as cyclones in the atmosphere.
  9. These processes all contribute to the transfer of nutrients, oxygen, and trace chemicals, ocean stratification and density fields, and patterns of warmth that drive atmospheric and oceanic circulation.
  10. According to Schwimmer, the growth ring patterns observed could have been affected by a variety of factors, including " migrations of their prey, wet-dry seasonal climate variations, or oceanic circulation and nutrient cycles ".
  11. The African Plate started to change directions, from west to northwest toward Europe, and South America began to move in a northward direction, separating it from Antarctica and allowing complete oceanic circulation around Antarctica for the first time.
  12. In this simple, modeling setting, the principal factors that were accounted for influencing the oceanic circulation were surface wind stress, bottom friction, a variable surface height leading to horizontal pressure gradients, and finally, the Coriolis effect.
  13. Climate change is caused by factors that include oceanic processes ( such as oceanic circulation ), biotic processes, variations in solar radiation received by Earth, plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions, and human-induced alterations of the natural world.
  14. They reported potential consequences as changes in oceanic circulation patterns, currents that bring nutrients and remove waste from fisheries, rising surface temperatures that are expected to bleach and kill as much as 80 % of the world's coral reefs  major tourist attractions and nurseries for many juvenile fish, and finally, the possible acidification of the ocean's waters as warmer water absorbs more atmospheric carbon emissions.

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