oceanic cable in a sentence

  1. But that same year an oceanic cable was extended through Midway.
  2. "' KWHE "', virtual channel 14 ( Oceanic Cable channel 11 throughout the state, and on Hawaiian Telcom channel 14.
  3. He has also appeared in commercials ( both TV and radio ) for Bud Light, Taco Bell, Oceanic Cable, McDonalds to name a few.
  4. In August 2011, Oceanic Cable began carrying University of Hawaii sports evening on a new regional sports network OC Sports Channel ( which is carried on channel 12 ).
  5. On cable, the station was only available on the eastern half of the Big Island of Hawaii on Oceanic Cable channel 46 ( analog cable ) and 49 ( digital cable ).
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  7. This isn't currently done between continents, but I see no reason why oceanic cables similar to the ones which carry phone and Internet signals couldn't also transfer power.
  8. Chadwick was one of fifty-two men to receive the Medal of Honor for an operation involving locating and cutting oceanic cables to block communication from a cable house off the shore of Cientuegos, Cuba.
  9. "' KBFD-DT "', virtual channel 32 ( Oceanic Cable basic channel 4 in Oahu and on digital cable channels 82 and 1004 statewide, and on Hawaiian Telcom channel 6 and digital channel 1006.
  10. "' KAAH-TV "', virtual channel 26 ( Oceanic Cable channel 26 statewide ( with the exception of Hawai'i Island ( the " Big Island " ), where KAAH is not available on cable at all.
  11. In addition to broadcasting the Monday-Friday sportscasts, he is also a play-by-play Announcer for high school sports on Oceanic Cable and for college basketball on the ESPN networks, as well as co-host of Leahey & Leahey, a weekly talk show featured on PBS Hawaii with his father, Jim ( Leahey & Leahey Live ).
  12. You may have ( a ) a browser cache, ( b ) a firewall cache ( if you use an intelligent firewall ), ( c ) other software caches such as download " accellerators ", ( d ) your ISP's cache ( they all say they don't use proxies, but they do ), ( e ), your ISP's provider's cache ( i . e ., the company that does the trans-oceanic cable or satellite link-they cache stuff too, to save bandwidth ).

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