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  1. The Aleutian Basin is another example of a relatively inactive oceanic basin.
  2. *Ocean drilling is done on the continental shelves, not normally in deep oceanic basins.
  3. Aravalli orogeny ( ~ 1, 800 Ma ) began with the development of oceanic basin.
  4. The elements of an active oceanic basin often include the oceanic trench associated with a subduction zone.
  5. It is tolerant of low dissolved oxygen levels, allowing it to inhabit oceanic basins inaccessible to other sharks.
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  7. This area is considered a present-day example of continental rifting leading to seafloor spreading and producing an oceanic basin.
  8. During the Paleoproterozoic Era, the opening of Aravalli oceanic basin separated the eastern Bundelkhand craton and the western Marwar craton.
  9. The Pacific Ocean is also an active, shrinking oceanic basin, even though it has both spreading ridge and oceanic trenches.
  10. This crustal uplift has created extension and horst and grabens and even listric faults which indicate a pre-oceanic basin structure.
  11. The Atlantic ocean and the Arctic ocean are good examples of active, growing oceanic basins, whereas the Mediterranean Sea is shrinking.
  12. One of the largest LIPs in the world, the Kerguelen Plateau covers an area of and rises above the surrounding oceanic basins.
  13. Anaerobic digestion occurs naturally in some soils and in lake and oceanic basin sediments, where it is usually referred to as " anaerobic activity ".
  14. The elements of an active-and growing-oceanic basin include an elevated mid-ocean ridge, flanking abyssal hills leading down to abyssal plains.
  15. The species " Hippasteria phrygiana " may be one of the most widely distributed species : it is present in the 3 main oceanic basins.
  16. Perhaps the best example of an inactive oceanic basin is the Gulf of Mexico, which formed in Jurassic times and has been doing nothing but collecting sediments since then.
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