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  1. The banks of northern Central Scotia Sea are superposed on oceanic basement and the spreading centre of the West Scotia Sea.
  2. The banks on the northern Central Scotia Sea, on the other hand, are volcanic constructs overlaying an oceanic basement parts of which is the spreading centre of the separation between South America and Antarctica.
  3. The thickness is a function of oceanic basement topography in some extent and this feature is extremely distinctive in the part between Simeulue and Siberut Islands ( Central Sumatra region 2癗 to 3癝 ) along the trench.
  4. Compressed metamorphosed Tethyan sediments and their oceanic basement are sandwiched between the tip of the Matterhorn, which consists of gneisses originally part of the African plate, and the base of the peak, which is part of the Eurasian plate.
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