oac in a sentence

  1. It is a venue for OAC-the Ontario Agricultural College.
  2. However, OAC still represents Coimbra's Praxe and traditions.
  3. The OAC's offices have resided in Johnston Hall ever since.
  4. The last graduating class of OAC was in 2003.
  5. A good example of this is the Output Area Classification ( OAC ).
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  7. The OAC is divided into districts for administrative purposes.
  8. The OAC also believes that these sacraments can be given to the departed.
  9. He won five Ohio Athletic Conference ( OAC ) titles during this time.
  10. That money was issued to Lentz, an OAC official confirmed ."
  11. The Organization of African Consolidation ( OAC ) is an alliance of African countries.
  12. The OAC opened on May 1, 1874 with an enrollment of 28 students.
  13. Together with Lim Nee Soon, Lim co-founded OAC Insurance in 1920.
  14. OAC was the first locally owned insurance company to be set up in Singapore.
  15. The OAC do not support any political parties.
  16. The wrestlers were also OAC Regular Season Championships in 2006, 2008 and 2009.
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