oaas in a sentence

  1. OAAs account for about 20 percent of the total Mekong catch.
  2. "Lewistown wouldn't be here if it weren't for Big Spring Creek, " said Torger Oaas, a local lawyer.
  3. The OaaS model leans towards utilizing a team / company which specializes in offshoring work and uses them on a contractual basis as a part of their own team.
  4. Both Haugen and Paulson are part of a class-action lawsuit against the state and the Monsanto Co ., which made the paint, and are represented by Oaas.
  5. He did not face a Republican opponent in 1996, winning a third term against Libertarian Martha Oaas by 309, 503 votes ( 83.96 % ) to 59, 125 ( 16.04 % ).
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  7. People living within the Mekong River system generate many other sources of food and income from what are often termed " other aquatic animals " ( OAAs ) such as freshwater crabs, shrimp, snakes, turtles, and frogs.
  8. "' Offshoring-as-a-service "'( "'OaaS "') is a business model in which the offshore office is not owned by the entity itself instead it is outsourced to a vendor.
  9. Organic OAAs require low addition levels, are soluble in solvents and organic liquids ( mobile ), are blue under UV ( emitting the same colour as lint, oil, grease etc . ), can fade quickly, have limited use in a range of coating systems and are less expensive.

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